Understanding The Role Of The Strata Ombudsman NSW: How They Can Help You

Are you a strata owner or resident in New South Wales facing a dispute or issue within your strata scheme? In addition to your Strata management team, you can rely on the Strata Ombudsman to help you. Understanding their role and how they can help you experience successful strata living is essential. Let us take […]

Addressing Common Maintenance Issues in Strata Buildings: Solutions & Prevention

Due to the unique design of strata buildings, maintenance issues of all kinds could arise in a property that is shared by more than one resident. With more people comes more wear and tear, more potential for long-term damage and more maintenance costs in the long run. Westside Strata Management shares these important identifiers of […]

Handling Property Repairs In Sydney: A Quick Guide

Managing property repairs in Sydney requires paying careful attention to detail, establishing clear communication channels, and ensuring frequent inspections to catch problems early on. At West Side Strata Management, we provide expert strata services in Sydney, including building repair management. Here is a quick guide on how to handle strata repairs in Sydney: Clear Communication […]

Sydney Strata Managers: Navigating The Role And Responsibilities

Strata managers in Sydney have an important job, ensuring that the strata-titled properties are looked after and that the owners corporation is properly administered. This can be a stressful job and requires specialist skills and experience to do properly. To ensure that strata management is carried out effectively and reliably, smart owners’ corporations opt to […]