Understanding The Role Of The Strata Ombudsman NSW: How They Can Help You

Are you a strata owner or resident in New South Wales facing a dispute or issue within your strata scheme? In addition to your Strata management team, you can rely on the Strata Ombudsman to help you. Understanding their role and how they can help you experience successful strata living is essential. Let us take […]

Addressing Common Maintenance Issues in Strata Buildings: Solutions & Prevention

Due to the unique design of strata buildings, maintenance issues of all kinds could arise in a property that is shared by more than one resident. With more people comes more wear and tear, more potential for long-term damage and more maintenance costs in the long run. Westside Strata Management shares these important identifiers of […]

Sydney Strata Managers: Navigating The Role And Responsibilities

Strata managers in Sydney have an important job, ensuring that the strata-titled properties are looked after and that the owners corporation is properly administered. This can be a stressful job and requires specialist skills and experience to do properly. To ensure that strata management is carried out effectively and reliably, smart owners’ corporations opt to […]

Year-End Checklist for Property owners and Strata Management Entities

As the year winds down, property owners and strata management entities often find themselves reflecting on the past months’ achievements and challenges. It’s a time to consolidate gains and address any lingering issues. This checklist will help you round off the year with confidence and clarity. Whether it’s financial management, maintenance, or compliance, our resources […]

Fed Up with Strata Disputes? Here’s the Solution

In Australia, the strata management sector oversees a staggering 2.9 million residential properties, representing approximately 25% of all dwellings nationwide. Strata managers play a crucial role in the maintenance and administration of these properties, ensuring they meet the needs and expectations of a modern, dynamic population. Whether it’s a sprawling apartment complex or a quaint […]

Changing Strata Managers: How To Choose The Best Strata Company In Sydney

Navigating the complex world of strata management can be daunting, especially when considering a change. As a leading and experienced strata management company, we understand the nuances of selecting the best strata manager in Sydney. This guide will help you make an informed decision, ensuring the needs of your scheme are met with professionalism and […]

Scaling Success: The Right Size For Strata Manager Services

Embarking on the journey of strata management can be complex, especially when it comes to understanding the role and benefits of a strata manager. Understanding Strata Management Strata management encompasses a range of services designed to streamline the governance and maintenance of community living. This includes administrative tasks, financial management, compliance with laws, and the […]

Understanding Common Property In Strata

Strata living is distinct from traditional property ownership. In strata-managed buildings, there’s a blend of individual ownership and communal ownership. The shared portions are what are labelled “common property”. But what precisely is common property, and how does it affect those buying into your strata project in our vibrant city of Sydney? Our strata developer […]