Taking The Stress Out Of Strata Since 1975



Providing easy access and visibility to all financial transactions from quoting to invoicing.


Striving to return phone calls within 24 hours and emails within 48 hours.


Timely dispute resolution, cost saving initiatives, ACP and defect rectification.

Strata Management Services

Westside Strata provides comprehensive strata management throughout the greater Sydney region.

At Westside, we believe in our people, our systems and our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. When you appoint us as your Strata Manager, you can expect a service standard befitting of a trusted and valued commercial partner.

Our services include:

  • Legislation Compliance
  • Maintenance and Safety
  • Financial Control and Record Keeping
  • Meetings
  • Disputes and Conflict Resolutions

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  • Robbie B. Avatar
    Robbie B.

    I cannot thank Westside Strata enough for their honest evaluations, professional service and efficient resolution to the issues in our... read more

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    Christopher P.

    Our new strata manager at Westside Strata Management has overseen an exceptional and efficient service - in a matter of... read more

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    Joy M.

    A special mention to my Strata Manager at Westside who will go the extra mile to ensure difficult situations are... read more

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    f l.

    I am very glad we switch to Westside strata. Mariah and her team really makes a big difference compare to... read more

  • Jacques S. Avatar
    Jacques S.

    Westside strata management has just taken charge of our building. In the first three months of taking over Frank and... read more

  • roveer d. Avatar
    roveer d.

    Dear RayRay Gabriel is honest and helpful strata manager . Deals with quotes, he responds to queries quickly and efficiently.... read more

  • Ron C. Avatar
    Ron C.

    I have been one of the primary members of the body corporate for the block of units at 19-21 The... read more

  • Paul &. Avatar
    Paul &.

    Rebekah has been an excellent strata manager for our apartment building in Punchbowl over the last few years.She always replies... read more

  • Vicki M. Avatar
    Vicki M.

    We now have the privilege of working alongside Ryan as our strata manager for the last 6 months. He... read more

  • Michael P. Avatar
    Michael P.

    I have known Franck and his team for 2 years now. Westside Strata are highly professional, efficient and very easy... read more

  • Petar M. Avatar
    Petar M.

    I am pleased to say that Westside Strata have showed excellence in their management of our property. They continue to... read more

  • Peter G. Avatar
    Peter G.

    Has been a pleasure for EO Lighting to be the local supplier to replace the incandescent and fluorescent lights with... read more

  • Brendan L. Avatar
    Brendan L.

    Westside are the gold standard in Strata Management, that all Strata Management companies should benchmark themselves against.Our building has complex... read more

  • Matthew Q. Avatar
    Matthew Q.

    They do a good job managing our apartment complex. The strata manager Rebekah works hard and she always addresses our... read more

  • Andalos D. Avatar
    Andalos D.

    Frankh, Rebecca, Petra and the team are a pleasure to work with. We are so glad we found them so... read more

  • John H. Avatar
    John H.

    My experience with Westside strata has been very good. We engaged them to manage two of our strata properties in... read more

  • Deborah L. Avatar
    Deborah L.

    I had the weirdest issue with my electricity bill and I had to get access to the electricity meter box... read more

  • NSW S. Avatar
    NSW S.

    As a contractor for Westside Strata Management i must say they are amazing to work for and their professionalism is... read more

  • Dennis L. Avatar
    Dennis L.

    My dealings with Rebekah from Westside Strata were always positive and pleasant. Queries were always answered in a timely and... read more

  • Farah I. Avatar
    Farah I.

    We have recently moved to Westside Strata as previously our property was poorly managed we have had many big issues... read more

  • Belinda F. Avatar
    Belinda F.

    Rebekah has been our manager for about 6 years now.She is always professional and deals with all matters within a... read more

  • W X. Avatar
    W X.

    Georgia from Westside Strata has been the managing agent of my mother's unit block. Her professionalism and prompt response in... read more

  • John M. Avatar
    John M.

    5 Stars to Rebekah Birchall for her awesome customer service and attention to care which is second to none. Rebekah... read more

  • Gordana C. Avatar
    Gordana C.

    Our strata complex has been managed by Westside Strata for the past 15 years and they are the best strata... read more

  • Chris Avatar

    Very satisfied with our Strata Management team – Franck has broad knowledge and experience and you can always get constructive... read more

  • Paul Avatar

    Rebekah has been an excellent strata manager for our apartment building in Punchbowl over the last few years.She always replies... read more

  • Sydney C. Avatar
    Sydney C.

    Great company with excellent strata managers!!

  • Joy W. Avatar
    Joy W.

    our community is using westside, two of my investment properties are also being looked after by them as well, very... read more

  • Slayde T. Avatar
    Slayde T.

    I previously posted a 1 star rating due to certain issues in the complex despite the wait they have all... read more

  • Christian S. Avatar
    Christian S.

    Erica is an excellent strata manager, extremely efficient and responsive to all concerns.

  • Gary W. Avatar
    Gary W.

    Great communication and understanding by Nadine who assisted owner going through tough times while ensuring OC weren't inconvenienced

  • Linda K. Avatar
    Linda K.

    I have been dealing with Westside Strata Management for a few years now and have found Georgia to be by... read more

  • Marni S. Avatar
    Marni S.

    I have found Georgia to be very courteous , responsive ,professional and prompt. She is an easy person to deal... read more

  • Faddy A. Avatar
    Faddy A.

    Erica, has been and absolute pleasure to deal with, always on the balls and extremely helpful, highly recommended.

  • Jaci R. Avatar
    Jaci R.

    Petra is wonderful to deal with, very helpful, polite and works efficiently to solve any problems.

  • Ari K. Avatar
    Ari K.

    I would like to recommend Westside Strata for their professionalism and work ethos. Epsilon Security have been working with Westside... read more

  • Mandy S. Avatar
    Mandy S.

    Franck and Rebekah from Westside strata provided very professional and responsible services for owners.

  • Rob S. Avatar
    Rob S.

    Tarna has proven herself to be a fantastic strata manager since taking over the role last year. She is very... read more

  • Paul P. Avatar
    Paul P.

    I have been an SC member on multiple properties for 10+ years holding all of the office bearer positions. I... read more

  • Tasneem L. Avatar
    Tasneem L.

    Really very helpful staff!

  • Timothy E. Avatar
    Timothy E.

    I work with dozens of strata companies and Westside Strata stand out. Engaged, intelligent and down to earth operation

  • Violeta L. Avatar
    Violeta L.

    Westside Strata have been a pleasure to work with for the last 10 years.Mariah who is our manager is a... read more

  • Melanie P. Avatar
    Melanie P.

    As a local property manager, I have dealt with many strata managers in the Canterbury-Bankstown region over the last 15... read more

  • John V. Avatar
    John V.

    Hi Ray,FYI – I checked out the subfloor ventilations units last week and I have some very happy tenants! They... read more

  • Al G. Avatar
    Al G.

    One of the best strata management, very professional and efficient

  • Nicole W. Avatar
    Nicole W.

    Most efficient strata company i have dealt with, very professional and responds to all emails fast

  • Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.

    We have been dealing with Westside Strata for a number of years. I would like to give a big... read more

  • Michael V. Avatar
    Michael V.

    I highly recommend Kelli Nagle of Westside Strata Management. Kelli has a strong knowledge of strata legislation, which combined with... read more

  • Northington L. Avatar
    Northington L.

    In our 16 years as a law firm, there's never been any better strata management agency to deal with than... read more

  • Hannah Avatar

    Rebekah was so nice and really went out of her way to help me, I appreciate it so much. Thank... read more

  • Bambang S. Avatar
    Bambang S.

    Help full and Quick response , when we need and help

  • Jana M. Avatar
    Jana M.

    Tarna was appointed to our complex and has been professional, helpful and highly efficient. All emails, phone calls and queries... read more

  • Olga S. Avatar
    Olga S.

    Our building is managed by Westside Strata Management and our Strata Manager is Petra. Petra is professional, courteous, sincere, and... read more

  • Yury C. Avatar
    Yury C.

    Rebekah is always very pleasant to deal with, she is supportive and professional, the queries were always handled in a... read more

  • Sam H. Avatar
    Sam H.

    such a professional group , an absolute delight to talk to the property manager Mr Ray Gabriel which i... read more

  • Tracey M. Avatar
    Tracey M.

    Westside Strata have been our Managing Agent for 3 years, I can not recommend them highly enough. All the staff... read more

  • Harry S. Avatar
    Harry S.

    Ray Gabriel is a great strata manager. Deals with quotes, repairs and queries quickly and efficiently. No complaints or issues... read more

  • Sri G. Avatar
    Sri G.


  • Sabina P. Avatar
    Sabina P.

    I found Ray to be very helpful and quick to respond to my emails. As a first home owner, I'm... read more

  • pansy L. Avatar
    pansy L.

    This is the Five star Strata Managment company. Staffs in there are awesome. Responsive Lawful. Honestly. Low Managent fee but... read more