New Builds & Establishing an Owners Corporation

Establishing a strong foundation for your owners corporation

Westside have a proven track record of setting up Strata schemes of all shapes and sizes. All Strata complexes are unique and can present unique challenges in the future if not set up effectively. Let us guide you in establishing your building in a way that will create harmony within your Owners Corporation for years to come.

How can we help?

How we add value

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with these experts to ensure that our clients have access to the best possible advice and resources. By partnering with us, vou can be confident that you have a team of experts on your side to help you navigate even the most complex issues.

Insurance Management

Obtain competitive insurance quotes once property reaches practical completion.

Budget Preparation

We work with the original owner to prepare a comprehensive initial budget to ensure

General Meetings

Monitor when formation of Owners Corporation is requirement and prepare first Annual General Meeting.

Legal & Regulatory

Ensure the asset complies with all it’s obligations.

Liaise with local council, surveyors and required technical advisors.

Strata / Stakeholder Management

Manage daily functions of running a strata scheme and communicate with all relevant parties.

By-law Co-creation & Advisory

Liaise with relevant legal professionals to develop a b-laws which considers the nature of development and it’s facilities.

Defect & Warranty Management

Advise on legislative responsibilities to repair maintain common areas / property and conduct inspections with qualified defects personnel.

Westside can help you

Engage in Meaningful Conversations for Effective Strata Management