Handling Strata Repairs In Sydney: A Quick Guide

Managing Strata repairs in Sydney requires paying careful attention to detail, establishing clear communication channels, and ensuring frequent inspections to catch problems early on.

At Westside, we provide expert strata services inclusive of Strata Repairs management. There are a  number of elements necessary in ensuing we are able to do this effectively

Clear Communication Is Essential

Clear communication channels form the cornerstone of good management principles, especially when dealing with repairs. Therefore, having an online central portal or a dedicated email system allows residents to report issues efficiently.

Regular updates on the repair status foster trust and transparency.

Negotiate Competitive Rates

Strata property management needs to be able to negotiate competitive rates for quality service from trusted providers. This ensures more cost-effective solutions from reliable service providers. A strata manager will present to the owners corporation a number of comparative quotes from certified trades people to ensure they are getting the absolute best price for a repair.

Regular Inspections And Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance is crucial to prevent issues from escalating into costly problems. To avoid this, management should implement a proactive maintenance schedule with routine checks of common areas, building exteriors, and shared facilities.

Regular inspections can help detect problems in their early stages, saving on repair costs and enhancing the property’s longevity. It is encouraged that residents are reminded to report issues promptly for effective proactive maintenance, as they too might want to ensure that their investment is protected.

Prioritise Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs that are needed to prevent further damage and ensure resident safety should be prioritised over, for example, cosmetic issues. To determine which repairs are most critical, management should establish a clear protocol for prioritising repairs to address key issues immediately.

Ensure Legal Compliance

Stay informed about any and all legal requirements to ensure repairs comply with applicable laws. Some repairs may require permits and approvals, which should be obtained to avoid additional penalties. Other repairs might be required in order to keep the property in certified and liveable condition.

Management should keep residents informed about any bylaws related to their responsibilities for repairs and property maintenance on their own units. This shared knowledge creates a sense of responsibility across the community, contributing to the overall wellbeing of the property.

At Westside, we are experts in Strata repairs from minor maintenance issues to Large scale Remedial works. Contact us today for more information.