Strata managers in Sydney have an important job, ensuring that the strata-titled properties are looked after and that the owners corporation is properly administered. This can be a stressful job and requires specialist skills and experience to do properly.

To ensure that strata management is carried out effectively and reliably, smart owners’ corporations opt to employ the services of strata companies in Sydney. Companies such as West Side Strata Management can ensure that the job is done to the highest standard, eliminating the stress and anxiety of trying to do it inhouse.

Let’s take a look at some of the roles and responsibilities of strata managers.


It is the role of the strata manager to ensure that all records related to the strata property are accurate and up-to-date. This includes the maintenance of records regarding ownership, common property, bylaws, financial records, and more.


The strata manager needs to ensure that adequate communication is maintained across all parties. This includes the distribution and preparation of notices, agendas, and meeting minutes.

Financial Management

The strata manager is responsible for creating and overseeing the strata scheme’s annual budget. This includes making estimates regarding common expenses and levies needed for maintenance and repairs.

Regular financial statements should be drawn up and issued to the owners’ corporation, detailing items like income, expenses, and any budget variances that may have occurred. The strata manager should also be in charge of overseeing the billing arrangements and maintaining accurate records.

Meetings Facilitation

It is the role of the strata manager to ensure that committee meetings are arranged and that appropriate dates are set. This means coordinating schedules and ensuring that the timing is in line with regulatory requirements.

The Annual General Meeting and any other extraordinary meetings need to be arranged and organised by the strata manager as well. It is also the responsibility of the strata manager to ensure that all necessary documentation and other support materials are provided to facilitate these meetings.

Maintenance Management

The strata manager needs to ensure that all repairs and maintenance of the common property are organised and coordinated in a timely and responsible fashion. This includes the planning of preventative maintenance.

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