Are you a strata owner or resident in New South Wales facing a dispute or issue within your strata scheme? In addition to your Strata management team, you can rely on the Strata Ombudsman to help you. Understanding their role and how they can help you experience successful strata living is essential. Let us take a closer look at what the Strata Ombudsman NSW does and how their services can benefit you.

What Is The Strata Ombudsman?

The Strata Ombudsman NSW is an independent, government-appointed body that provides a free dispute resolution service for strata and community schemes. Their primary goal is to help resolve disputes fairly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, ensuring that strata communities can live in harmony and enjoy the place where they live.

How Can the Strata Ombudsman Help?

Here are the key ways in which the Strate Ombudsman can help:

  1. Dispute Resolution

If you are facing a dispute with your strata manager, executive committee, or another owner or resident, the Strata Ombudsman can help. They offer mediation and conciliation services to help parties reach a mutually acceptable outcome. Promoting communication between those involved in a dispute can often help clarify issues and establish common ground for an amicable resolution.

  1. Information And Guidance

The Strata Ombudsman provides information and guidance on strata living, including your rights and responsibilities as an owner or resident. They can help you understand strata laws and regulations, allowing you to make better, more informed decisions.

  1. Promotion Of Compliance

The Strata Ombudsman helps ensure that strata laws and regulations are followed. They can advise you on how to ensure your strata scheme operates within the legal framework, helping you avoid possible disputes and penalties.

  1. Education

Educating the public about strata living and dispute resolution options is one of the essential functions. They provide resources and training to strata owners, residents, and managers, helping them better understand their roles and responsibilities.

Overall, the Stata Ombudsman plays an important role in ensuring that Stata communities can operate smoothly and harmoniously.

Contact Westside Strata Management today for the day-to-day running of your Strata. In a case where disputes cannot be resolved internally, we can call for the assistance of the Strata Ombudsman NSW for independent and impartial dispute resolution.