Due to the unique design of strata buildings, maintenance issues of all kinds could arise in a property that is shared by more than one resident. With more people comes more wear and tear, more potential for long-term damage and more maintenance costs in the long run. Westside Strata Management shares these important identifiers of common maintenance issues in strata, how to solve them efficiently, and most importantly, how to prevent them.

Three common strata building maintenance issues

Whether you’re a property owner or developer, here are some of the most frequent maintenance issues you can expect in a strata building:

1. Leaking roofs: Roof leaks occur especially in times of heavy rain, but could also be an indication of a building defect. If left unattended, it could lead to more severe problems.

2. Lift Maintenance: With multi-storey apartment buildings, lifts require ongoing maintenance to ensure the equipment continues to operate well. The causes of lift breakdowns can vary, but the consequences can be disastrous. Apart from inconveniencing residents, a broken or problematic lift can also be a safety hazard.

3. Pool maintenance: Since a pool is part of the shared property in a strata building, many maintenance issues could arise, from cleaning to broken pool tiles to damaged pool gates, walls and even flood damage. The Australian government has strict pool compliance laws in place to ensure safety at all times.

Proven ways to solve your maintenance problems in a strata complex

The good news is that strata building maintenance issues can be solved, and they don’t have to be a lasting burden for the people living there. Get in touch with your building manager or strata manager at the first sight of any maintenance issue, your strata manager can help to organise contractors for repairs and maintenance.

In any situation, prevention is the best choice

We’re always told that prevention is better than cure, so how do you prevent maintenance issues from escalating in a strata building?

An experienced strata manager like Westside Strata Management can help you address common strata building maintenance issues and implement effective prevention measures for longevity and peace of mind.  Get in touch today.